• Taiwan National Expressway

Taiwan National Expressway No. 1 Widening Project, 2010

Movable Scaffolding System (Cast In Situ)

  • Equipment Supplied:4 sets of Underslung MSS
  • Year:2010

Wugu-Yangmei elevated expressway is the second elevated expand section of Taiwan No.1 National highway, starting from Wugu to Yangmei. The total length is 40km. It cost 88.2 billion TWD, which is the most expensive road in Taiwan.

SDI together with its parent companies supplied 8 sets of equipment (4 sets MSS for Bid C905&C908 and 4 sets PSM launching gantries for C910) to different contractors on this project.

Bid C905 Guishan Taoyuan section is about 4.3km, and Bid C908 Luzhu Zhongli section 6.1km, awarded to the contractor Far Eastern Engineering Corp.; bridge span of the 2 sections range from 45 to 55m, totally 139 spans, all constructed by 4 sets of underslung MSS supplied by SDI smoothly and efficiently.